Esquina de Abuela is many things–a community space, a cultural arts center, an event venue, a gallery, a photo and video shoot location, an art residency. Located in the heart of Miami’s Allapattah neighborhood, EDA has been making space for artists to connect and create since its inception in 2015. Visit EDA and be inspired by the art and history covering its walls; rent out EDA to make your own artistic vision a reality.

Our Mission

EDA’s mission is to make space–quite literally–for musicians, visual artists, yoga and wellness practitioners, vendors, teachers, healers, and performers to practice and share their crafts. Our adaptable space changes with each event hosted and work of art created here. 

Our Vision

EDA’s vision is to sustain a local, community-centered art space that equally serves our Allapattah neighbors, Miami/South Florida artists, and visitors from around the world through a grassroots network of creative people and organizations.

Our Story

The story of Esquina de Abuela, grandma’s corner, begins with abuela herself, Zoila Caridad Guerra, the grandmother of EDA’s founder Fabian Martinez. Born in Cuba in 1928, Zoila was the only girl among fourteen brothers and later married and raised two children. When revolution broke out, she fought first as a revolutionary and then as a counter-revolutionary, always striving for the freedom of the people and pushing their leaders to make good on their promises.

In 1983 she came to Miami, and in 1986 moved to the Allapattah property that today is Esquina de Abuela. She sold produce and flowers and eventually built up an upholstery business and acquired the adjacent lot. After her death in 2018, her grandson, Fabian, fought to save her home to honor her legacy through arts and community action. Zoila Caridad Guerra was the epitome of a strong, powerful woman and her spirit lives on and continues to touch all those who visit, stay, work, and create at EDA. Listen to her story.

Since 2016, over 100 artists from dozens of countries have painted on the walls of Esquina and created unique works of art here. EDA has hosted more than 120 events, including openings for Art Basel, the underground Miami Our Basel, Miami NFT/Crypto Week, and concerts by artists from Miami, the Caribbean, and beyond. Check out the Music Videos tab to see the many videos shot on location at EDA.

EDA is proud to partner with local organizations; on the Community tab you’ll find the school beautification projects we’ve completed in Allapattah. We regularly host events as diverse as running clubs, children’s art classes, street clean ups, wellness sessions, firedance performances, boxing matches, vegan festivals, makers’ fairs, crypto education, gardening/food sovereignty workshops, and exclusive art gallery openings like the One Time Expo showcasing the work of young Cuban-American artists. Come see us and be part of EDA!


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