Sèyo (born 1969) from Bienne, Switzerland and father of two kids, is a professional artist of the Graffiti- Spraycan Art movement and one of the pioneers in Europe.

His gigantic and visionary work articulates more than 30 years around a tireless calligraphic research and metaphysic landscapes populated by strange creatures. Sèyo develops an imaginary world where the artist- gesture sublimates the daily, opening a mystical window on territories of pure graphic poetry, full at the same time of gravity and humor.

Around the generative cell of the drawn artist- signature (so called tag of Sèyo), his virtuosity expresses itself in infinite calligraphic variations on this topic, in perpetual search of style from the savageness most primitive to the absolute refined elaboration.

On various materials in different techniques (paintings in spraycan on canvas, plastics (sculptures), drawings and sketches in pencil, colored and felt pen) his stylistic and spiritual claim aims in the vibrating expression of nature and of beauty, in a mode so virulent as contemplative. 

The very pictorial “choreographic” technique of Sèyo carries the brand powerful, rage, canalized and electrified energy of a Breakdancer, stealthy graffiti- artist, and the subversive word of a modern rapper, to communicate a vision of a deep humanism.

Sprayer, sculptor, drawer, illustrator, Sèyo transcends codes of the hiphop aesthetics, and celebrates the long ago, past materials, the actual short-lived, the beauty of instant, the cycle of live, across a burning brand and in perpetual movement, his tag. His “street essence” with an “accent grave, man”!

Text: Antoine Joly / Historien de l’Art for