About the Artist

Lasak is an Ecuadorian artist born in Guayaquil. She paints from a place of peace and deep connection with the natural world, specifically SCUBA diving surrounded by the ocean's creatures. Her work is inspired by a melding of nature's forms and the colors proposed by fantasy.

With the brush and the spray can, she brings to life images of plants, animals, and strong women rooted in the ground and rising to the sky. Grasshoppers are Lasak's talisman; they jump only forwards, never backwards, and leap through space and time where the real mysteries of life exist. The grasshoppers significance in many cultures: In Asia they are a symbol of fertility and abundance and their calls represent the songs of Buddhist monks. In China they symbolize good luck and in classical Greece nobility would wear gold grasshoppers in their hair.

In recent years, Lasak has participated in various festivals and events around the world such as: Detornarte - Ecuador, Connecting Art - Argentina, Meeting of Favela - Brazil,  Nosotras Estamos en la Calle - Peru, ARTistLOVE - Spain, Movementarts - Switzerland, ART Neu West - Berlin. 

Her work appears in the streets and galleries of Ecuador, Colombia, Agentina, Peru, Brazil, France, Spain, Switzerland, Belgium, USA, Germany, Korea, Indonesia, and Russia.

Lasak now focuses on art therapy to help heal those who have experienced trauma. She uses art and visual media as a tool for expressive communication to rebuild emotional and social well-being. She is working with the Ministry of Culture of Ecuador and control centers Cancer SOLCA Ecuador.

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