Boris Bernard

Inspired by Abuela's name Zoila Caridad Guerra. "Soy la Guerra" : "I am war" In Spanish, is a Limited Collection created by Artist Boris Bernard ...

Collection details 

Limit of 50, hand screen printed
Created by Street Artist and Self taught Print Maker, Boris Bernard, "SOY LA GUERRA" cleverly combines spirit, passion and honesty that threads into each dynamic composition. Bernard’s remarkable gifts have colored the scores of many of the music industry greats, producing installations and guerrilla campaigns for Alicia Keys, Swizz Beats, Dimepiece LA, and Sandro Paris. Born into a military family, Bernard studied Political Science at Virginia State University. His musicality and integrity has put him in the forefront of the revolutionary art and music.
Boris Bernard, born 1980 into a military family, is the first American born child of two Afro-American enlisted soldiers. Boris is an NYC street artist and self-taught graphic designer, who developed narcolepsy in 1988. Because of his medical condition, he is creatively employed as an artist to provide for himself. Art is a means of survival, both through expression and selling artworks.
Boris Bernard has been active in the streets of NYC since 2006. He often works with wheat paste and hand embellished screen prints. Drawing inspiration from pop culture, rap and graffiti, his collages express themes and narratives that both appear timeless and current.

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