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Esquina de Abuela photo collage

Esquina de Abuela is fundraising to make urgent repairs to our buildings to keep the property safe and sound. Help us and keep EDA going strong!

EDA is an Urban Cultural Center located in the heart of Miami's Allapattah neighborhood. EDA is a home away from home for many, and its doors never close to the community. Fabian, the center's founder, believes in elevating the vibrations of the community through the Arts and in fostering a culture of altruism in Allapattah. Contemporary artists and famous muralists come to EDA to give color and bring life to the walls of the neighborhood. EDA has provided temporary housing to many international and local artists and volunteers and regularly hosts events to install memorable murals on the otherwise bleak local school walls. Recently, EDA has been working with Miami's blockchain community to host events and give classes to introduce locals to these new technologies that are revolutionizing our world and especially the Arts.

We want EDA to continue growing into a community cultural hub. To keep the Urban Cultural Center dream alive, we are looking to you for help. 

This money will help us to:*
- Fix the property's antiquated roof
- Expand the facilities on site
- Update restrooms for our visitors
- Reinstall the front gate
- Build a stronger community outreach program with local schools
- Continue connecting artists with nearby facilities to beautify the area
- Host various events for and by the community members
- Showcase local talent
- Aid us to continue housing the needy in Allapattah 

Breakdown of expenses and estimates, per line item, are available upon request*

EDA is known and loved for its world-class street art, graffiti, murals, and good vibes. EDA needs your help to make these upgrades and meet building codes so that we can continue to keep our doors open to all and connect artists from around the world.


Esquina de Abuela, Grandma's corner, was built in 1934, making the structure almost 90 years old. We need to replace and repair the roofs, plumbing, foundation, and other essential parts of the property's structures so that EDA can continue to be a safe community space and serve Allapattah and Miami as a local Urban Cultural Center and hub for community events, education, and outreach.

At the heart of EDA is the home of Zoila Caridad Guerra, Abuela. She moved into the property in 1986 after fleeing Cuba (having been a revolutionary then a counter-revolutionary). Forever a women of remarkable strength and perseverance, she turned the house into a business and added several structures to the property, making it into what is today Esquina de Abuela.

EDA is a historic property. EDA has been home to three generations of Zoila's family and provided short term housing for more than 200 artists, travelers, and Miami locals in need of a safe place to stay. In 5 years EDA has opened its doors to more than 100 events, offering free or low cost space to artists, musicians, dancers, healers, yogis, craftspeople, gardeners, activists, children, families and neighbors of all ages, classes, races, religions, beliefs, and backgrounds.

EDA has been about openness and generosity from the beginning. Founder Fabian Martinez has made it his mission to give in the spirit of Zoila's "Caridad." The realities of maintaining an 87+ year old building in Miami are demanding and EDA now must turn to our community and neighbors to ask for your help and support to cover the costs of keeping our home strong for the future.